What is Peer Support?


What is HIV+ Peer Support?
Peer Support is support, knowledge, care, and emotional, social and practical help provided by people who have faced the same challenges and issues as you.

HIV+ Peer Support Groups provide a safe and supportive environment where key topics about living with HIV are explored.
Whether recently diagnosed, or living with HIV for a number of years, HIV+ Peer Support Groups can be a great way to meet other people who share this life experience.
The Peer Support Co-ordinators and facilitators operate with Peer Support Tokyo and Place Tokyo to provides a friendly, confidential support to people living with HIV. Additionally, the Peer Support Officer supervises the running of HIV+ Peer Support Groups in consultation with facilitators.

HIV+ Peer Support Groups

Our HIV+ Peer Support groups are open to all HIV+ men & women and provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment.
Participants decide all topics for discussion. Some of these topics may include:
Relationships (partners, family, friends)
Medications and complimentary therapies
Managing stress and ‘Mental Wellness’
Staying healthy
Other HIV related services
Sex and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Individual support
We can also provide limited one-on-one support, advice and information to people living with HIV who would like to talk to someone who understands their situation.

Feedback from peer support group participants

‘I walked away from the Peer Support Group feeling so much better about myself.’

‘There’s nothing better than meeting others who are in the same situation.’

‘There was a lot I didn’t know about living with HIV before joining the Peer Support Group. I’m glad I decided to participate.’

‘The Peer Support Group provided a safe environment for me to talk about living with HIV… I realised I’m not the only one who feels the way I do.’

‘The Peer Support Group gave me the opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges. I learnt that there is no right or wrong way to deal with things, and everyone’s journey is unique.’


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